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Recent Aquired Sources of Reference and Data

1. Royer family, compiled by Arlene Wolf
2. Folder 1/2" thick, says Samuel Royer , son of Sebastian Contents of folder:
A: The Royer Family, Ironmasters of Blair County Pa. by w.Ray Metz and Floyd G. Hoenstine.
      B: A brief summary of the Royer Family Lineage, by W.E. Scott, Jr.for the progeny of John  Morton Winfield Royer and Nellie (Shipman) Royer.
      C: Cambria County Pioneers, by James M. Swank 1910 ONLINE CLICK HERE
      D: Data of John Royer, brother of Daniel, son of Samuel the first, by Mrs. Katharine Royer Dibert.
      E: Page 15 from Morrisons Cove herald, thursday , April 22, 1982, photo copy, The Royer  mansion along the Piney Creek Road, re: being transfered from Pa. fish and game to the Blair  county Historical society.
     F: Royer Genealogy, 17 pages , unknown author, says compiled from the following sources,  Bureau of Land records, Pa. state library and museum Genealogical section, The Media Research Bureau, Sell's American Fendrick, Family Bibles, Headstones in Cemeteries and  Lancaster County Court Records.
    G: 65 pages of family group sheets and charts that look like they cam from all over the US.Some of these I had but not as complete.
    H: Article, 1 page,Sesqui- centennial Series of historical Sketches - No-11.sketch of Royer-Nicodemus House with article. This house is now part of a public park outside of  Waynesboro, PA.( I have more on this house and park supplied by Barbara Bittner Abraham)  which will later be on the webpage, as well as the location and the hours you can make a tour.
    I: Newspaper article, Royer Lake, out side of Waynseboro, part of Fort Ritchie  boundries.
3. Addendum to History of The Royer Family In America, J.G. Francis, by Harry K. Royer. I do  not know if the copies are complete.(looks like canidate for another text project).
4. The Royer Families in Alabama, by Dalton Lee Royer( also a very good canidate for  project.).Has a lot of excellent history,Royer military record of 1812 war, Land     Claims,application for Revolutionary war pensions, confederate Royer muster rolls war of 1812     and civil war,Military comedations feb. 1814,applications for bounty lands,Estates and probate     records with apprasials,oaths of allegiance to the united satates,several Soldiers or sailors     applications for relief of needy Confederate soldiers and sailors, residents of Alabama,who from     wounds or other causes are now unable to earn a livilihood under the act of Feb. 13th, 1891.,     widows reclassifcation forms,probate court minutes,petitions for letters of administration,photo     copies of some headstones temple cem. Farmers township, fulton co. IL.,census reports     1820-1910 state of alabama,Royer mariages in morgan Co. Alabama 1832-1975,marriage     certificates state of alabama, land records in Morgan Co. alabama 1825-1931,land map of     charles royer's property locations.along lawrence-morgan co.line alabama,land patents of charles     royer,index to records of real estate conveyances-morgan Co. ala.,2 pages of source     information.
5. Folder labeled John Michael Royer:
      A: Misc. family group sheets, letters of     correspondance,photo copy of Mary Royer           Bolkey,descendants reports,Norristown   Montgomery co. Pa. Register of wills vol.           4,Application for the Daughters of the american    revolution for a woman desendant of Philip           Royer,Lutheran church records in New Hanover pa.  Faicner swamp Montgomery co..
6. Folder titled Royer Families in Louisiana:
      A: several pages of the canadian royer line charts dating back to a line dated 1531( hard to read            all),Louisana morman church records, family group sheets, French Royer troops in Louisiana 1720-1770,letters of correspondance,about twenty more family group sheets.
7. Folder titled Noe Royer In South Carolina.
    A:First census of the united states charleston district christ church didtrict 1790, Transactions of     the    Huguenot Society of South Carolina # 59 1954, # 58,notes from wills and misc. records     1694-1704 pages 191-195 charlston will book 1671-1727 p. 172 Charltton will book     1752-1756 page 131,family group sheets of Noe Royer b. tours france and his line to South     carolina,page 64 from history of the huguenot Emigration to america part in french, pages from     genealogical collection of the s.c. wills and records vol 1 by silas Lucas Jr. 1955,misc. pages like     Reocords Secretary of the providence 1694-1705 petition of noah Royer south carolina about     10 pages.
8. Items not in folder:
A.: Genealogical History of the Gift, Kern, and Royer Families by Aaron Kern gift, copyrighted            1909. about 163 pages( good for text project some day).ONLINE CLICK HERE

9. The Name and Family of Royer, Roots Research Bureau, 39 west 32 st. suite 704 New York ,      NY. Manuscript # 2281 copyrighted ( looks like french canadian line and us lines.)

10. Census Index of selected U.S. Counties from CD's with Royer

11. LDS Church records , International Genealogical Index and Addendums. Including data on       Royer, Rohrer, Rohr, Rheyer, Reyer,

The above data was aquired from Dalton Royer. The above is just a small amout of the his archives on the Royer Surname and his research.

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