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The Bible of Sebastian Reyer

The bible of Sebastian Reyer was printed in 1713. The text within it is written in German. In 1997 the book is now 284 years old. The bible seems to have been passed down to Sebastian's daughter, Maria Catrina or Maria Catherina, who married Jacob Conrad. We find in an old list of land owners, that a Jacob Conrad in 1779 owned in Manheim Township. Lancaster County, 100 acres of land. The bible then followed in the hand of Joseph Conrad, then to John Conrad.

The text on the inside cover of the bible was entered in 1742. One would have to wonder if Sebastian came to America with this German bible. Sebastian Royer is said to have been naturalized at a meeting of the Supreme Court in Philadelphia, Apr. 11-13, 1743 .It is quite likely that his buying land of the Penns at this time led to his naturalization.

The bible is now owned by Vic Leininger of Pennslvania. The bible was purchased from an estate sale by Vic's grandfather. Upon his grandfathers passing, Vic's mother asked him if there was anything special from his grandfather's estate that he especially wished to have. Vic asked her if he might have the Sebastian Reyer bible. I can just imagine the look on Vic's face when his mother graciously gave him the bible. I know I would have been overwhelmed just to be able to hold it in my hands as Sebastian had over 250 years ago, let alone be the new caretaker as Vic then became at that moment in time. I know Vic will take very good care of the bible, and am more than delighted that he has supplied the Royer Data Collection Center with photographs of the bible , so it could be shared by all. Thank You very much for your contribution. We all will owe you a great debt for sharing and caring for this rare part of our Royer History.

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the transcibed text from the inside cover.

Sebastin Reyer

Living at the present time in the Township Warwick,
Lititz in the Province of Pensylvania,
Written in the year of our lord and Savior Jesus
Christ, that is 1742 to the highest One be the Honors

 Search the Scripture for in them ye think ye have
eternal life, for they are they that testify of me matthew 5 

Jacob Conrad his book
 Joseph Conrad his book
 John Conrad his book

Photos of cover
Photo # 1
Photo # 2
Photo # 2 a large photo 704 K may load slow
Photo # 2 b large closeup of page that Sebastian wrote his name on.
Photo # 3
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